What to do in winter

By | February 5, 2023

Winter is a season full of possibilities and activities! We all experience it in different ways, but there is so much to discover and explore. In this blog, we’ll look at what you can do in winter – from cosying up by the fire to winter sports and more. Friends of winter, let’s explore what to do! Be excited and ready for a varied journey through different ideas for winter. Let’s get started!


Winter is a wonderful season. There are many exciting things to do to enjoy the winter months. The snow turns into a magical landscape and offers many opportunities to have fun. Although it is cold during the winter months, there are so many great activities that can be done during the winter months. From building snowmen to sledding, winter has something for everyone.

A popular winter activity for families is snowman building. This is a great way to spend time together and get the whole family together on a project. A snowman is not only fun to build, but also reminds us of the beautiful moments of winter.

If you like being outside and playing sports, then sledding is a great activity for you. There are many different types of sledges for different purposes and sledging is great fun! Whether you go sledding alone or as a group, it is a great way to experience winter in its full glory.

Another great venture in winter is going for walks. With the right equipment, you’ll be able to stay warm and observe nature at the same time. Enjoy a walk through the snow and take beautiful photos of the winter landscape. There are also many hiking trails that are even more beautiful in winter than in summer!

Winter adventures are not only fun, but also help us improve our health and reduce stress. So plan your next winter adventure trip and make the most of the season!

Outdoor activities

Winter is a perfect time of year to be active outdoors and enjoy nature, whether you choose to go snowshoeing, skiing or snowman building. With the right equipment and knowledge, outdoor activities in winter can be really fun.

The best place to be active outdoors in winter is of course the mountain region. There are many different options here, from skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing, sledding and ice skating. Tobogganing is also a great outdoor activity in winter, especially if you launch yourself into a slope and race downhill at great speed.

Snowkiting is another interesting activity in winter. It works similar to windsurfing, only instead of a surfboard you use a kiteboard and instead of the lake you use the snow as “water”. But you also have to have a bit more equipment: besides the kiteboard, you need a kite (or several), lines and of course the right wind. But if all the requirements are met, you can have incredible experiences on the snow!

Even in the warm months of spring and summer you can stay outside and enjoy nature – hiking & trekking in the mountains or mountaineering & climbing on steep rock faces. There are many specialised outdoor shops that sell everything you need – from the right footwear to equipment for extreme sports like high ropes courses or canyoning.

Outdoor activities are therefore possible at any time of year – whether you want to go skiing or hiking; whether you prefer snowkiting or mountaineering; there is always something new to discover and experience! No matter what kind of action you prefer – remember to equip yourself well and to have informed yourself about the weather conditions beforehand! Then nothing will stand in the way of your adventure!


A perfect winter weekend is when you are out and about enjoying nature. Snowshoeing is a great way to get out and explore the countryside in winter. Whether you’re on your own, with friends or family, there are many beautiful places to explore the world on snowshoes.

If you’re looking for an adventure that will show you a different side of winter, be sure to check out snowshoeing. There are a variety of incredible trails and breathtaking landscapes in the mountains and along the coast. With the right equipment and a little know-how, the opportunity to dive right into the alpine environment and climb remote peaks opens up to you.

Experienced mountaineers can find dreamy routes through snowy valleys or even take part in multi-day tours, while beginners often prefer well-marked trails. No matter where you want to go, there is always something to discover and new trails to explore. Some of the best places for snowshoeing are:

Alaska: Alaska is one of the best destinations for snowshoeing due to its rugged beauty and vibrant wildlife. There are many spectacular trails in different regions of the state – from glaciers to snowy forests – offering everything your heart desires.

Colorado: Known for its picturesque Rocky Mountains, Colorado offers many trails for ambitious hikers. Track elk or bear or climb one of the high peaks – Colorado has something for everyone!

Utah: Utah is famous for its most impressive canyons and magnificent national parks. Besides skiing adventures, it also offers hiking routes through snowy desert landscapes in the hottest areas of the state – ideal for adventurers!

Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy winter and stay in shape at the same time! Check weather conditions, ice conditions, special equipment, etc. in advance to be prepared for any eventuality. This way you can ensure that your snowshoeing adventure will be an unforgettable memory despite the cold, snow and wind!

Winter hikes

Winter can sometimes be grey and boring. But there are many ways to make the most of the cold season and enjoy the many benefits that a winter hike offers.

Winter walks are a great way to enjoy the snow and stay fit at the same time. Whether you hike alone or with friends, the exercise keeps you warm and is a great way to do something for your health and well-being. In addition, there are many more adventures possible, especially away from the busy walking trails – such as snowshoe tours or even ski hikes.

If you opt for a snowy winter hike, you can explore nature at its best. The untouched snow invites you to linger and enjoy – unconditional happiness! The wintry landscape is so quiet and peaceful that it is easy to find peace in this environment. Another positive effect of winter walks is that you can escape the stress of everyday life: Discover new paths and enjoy the solitude amid idyllic natural landscapes!

A winter hike is also a welcome change for families with children: Children frolicking in the snow made every hike an unforgettable experience! And if it has snowed, you will always be able to find new snowmen as well as explore various tracks of wild animals.

Whether you go hiking alone or with a companion – why not take a trip into wintry nature and experience the many benefits of a winter hike for yourself! Take the opportunity to escape the daily grind for a few hours and switch off – all you need are warm clothes, sturdy shoes and snowshoes.

Winter sports

– The choice of winter sports is now so wide that there is something for everyone. Whether you choose the classic disciplines such as skiing or snowboarding, or prefer to frolic in the snow, winter holidays offer countless possibilities. It’s a great opportunity to express yourself in new ways and overcome a sporting challenge at the same time.

No matter which winter sport you prefer, it’s important to be prepared with the right equipment. For beginners, we recommend skiing or snowboarding. Both sports require special equipment and it is worth investing in good quality items. If you are already an experienced skier or snowboarder, there are many other winter sports you can expand your skills with. From freestyle skiing to freeriding – there are no limits to your creativity!

There are many other winter sports to try, from husky safaris to sledding and cross-country skiing. Each of these activities has its own merits and offers the opportunity to gain new experiences and have fun with friends or family. Why not try something new? Get your equipment and make winter an unforgettable memory!

Indoor activities

There are many ways to stay creative in winter and not just be bored indoors. There are plenty of fun indoor activities to enjoy alone or with the family. Here are some of them:

1. Playing board games: One of the oldest and most popular indoor activities is playing board games. These can serve as entertainment for adults as well as a lesson for children. There is a wide range of board games suitable for all ages, such as Monopoly, Chess or Go.

2. Cooking and baking: If you are talented in the kitchen, you can try new dishes and sweets. Preparing delicious meals is a great way to make the most of your time in winter and upgrade your cooking skills at the same time.

3. Reading and writing: Reading and writing are great indoor activities to pass the time while broadening your range of knowledge. Take this opportunity to read more about interesting topics or discover your own writing talents!

4. Watching movies: Another popular indoor pastime is watching movies – especially those with cosy scenarios like Christmas or winter landscapes! So enjoy watching your favourite movie by candlelight!

5. Doing jigsaw puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are a perfect activity for those who like to solve tricky tasks! The different levels of difficulty make puzzles interesting for beginners to experts! So put your logical thinking skills to the test and make a puzzle!

Indoor activities offer many ways to keep others busy or to keep yourself busy – especially in the winter months when you’d rather stay indoors! Whether you prefer to play board games or cook & bake, there are many different activities you can do indoors! So get some inspiration for your next winter evening and get stuck into your favourite activities!

Going to the cinema or a concert

As the winter season approaches, so does the desire for cosy evenings out. Going to the cinema or a concert makes for a relaxing evening and the perfect opportunity to have fun and enjoy new experiences.

Going to the cinema and to a concert are both great ways to spend the dark winter evenings. When going to the cinema, you can choose from a variety of current films and genres. Whether it’s an action film, a romantic comedy or a sci-fi adventure, there’s something for everyone. At a concert visit, you can lose yourself in the music and experience your favourite artists live. There is no better way to enjoy the evening.

Both experiences are a great way to spend time with friends or family and create unforgettable moments. No matter where you are going, advance planning is recommended so you can be sure everything will go smoothly. So be prepared and plan ahead! With the right tickets in hand and a good plan, nothing can go wrong!

So go ahead and enjoy a wonderful winter evening at a cinema or concert! Spend quality time with your loved ones and experience unforgettable moments!

Visits to museums or exhibitions

Winter is a wonderful time of year to have new experiences and explore the world. There are many ways to get exciting and thrilling moments and museum or exhibition visits offer a perfect opportunity to do so. By visiting a museum, you can learn a lot about the history of the city, region or country. But why not do something unexpected to break the daily routine?

There are different types of museum or exhibition visits you can make in winter. For example, an interesting visit could be a trip to the famous cheese museum. Here you get insights into the different types of cheese, their origin and their production methods. Or how about a trip to the photography museum? Here you can marvel at many interesting old photographs and other works of art. Robot and computer museums are also an exciting place to visit for all technology enthusiasts who want to learn more about robots and computers.

If you would rather do something else than just stroll through museum corridors, excursions to special exhibition spaces are recommended. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a design exhibition or a fashion exhibition – there are a variety of interesting topics to discover here. Comic exhibitions are also particularly popular, where you can gain insights into the world of comics and learn a lot about your favourite heroes. But music lovers also get their money’s worth here: In music museums, you can marvel at both historical and modern instruments and learn a lot about their history.

No matter what kind of museum or exhibition you choose – you are guaranteed to gain great experience and new insights! So use the winter for a more interesting museum or exhibition visit than usual and learn something new about your favourite subject!

Creative activities for children

Children are more flexible in their development and abilities than adults, which means they can do a variety of creative activities in winter. Although most activities you can do outside become difficult in winter, there are plenty of ways to stay busy indoors. Creative activities are a great way to help your children enjoy winter and try out crazy ideas.

Crafting is a great way to give your children the opportunity to express their creativity. They can make paper art or objects such as ships or aeroplanes. With an iron-on bead set, children can create cool designs and stimulate their creativity. Simple craft materials such as cardboard boxes and food colouring can be used to make picture frames and lanterns.

Painting and drawing is another great way for children to do creative activities in winter. You can work with watercolours or acrylics and paint beautiful pictures or help them draw cartoon characters or other figures. Or maybe this is the perfect moment for a family calendar?

Role-playing games also offer many creative possibilities for winter activities with children: you can transform the house into different rooms and invent different characters through play. This not only helps with language acquisition and understanding of social interaction, but is also a lot of fun!

If you run out of ideas, there is another option: a cooking evening! All you have to do is get a few ingredients and you’re ready to cook together. The children are allowed to mix the ingredients, knead or bake – everything is possible!

There are many ways for children to engage in creative activities in winter – be it handicrafts, painting or role-playing – to make it as interesting as possible. No matter which activity you choose: The shared fun comes first!


Photography in winter is a very special experience. When the landscape disappears in a white veil and a new atmosphere builds up, it is an unforgettable event for photographers. Winter offers many opportunities to take impressive photos.

One of the best things about photographing in winter is the variety of scenarios. From snow-covered mountains to ice and snow-covered lakes to snow-covered landscapes – everything opens up new and interesting motifs. You can use the light to add depth to your photos, for example by directing it at snow-covered trees or breaking the snow with reflectors to create beautiful effects.

Another highlight of winter photography is the opportunity to capture rare subjects such as migratory birds or wildlife. When it gets cold outside, these birds and animals look for food sources and are therefore more accessible than usual. This is where the camera comes in! With the right equipment and a little patience, you can capture these wonderful moments.

There are also many opportunities for impressive winter photos in urban areas. A city tour on a frosty day is a great opportunity to explore quirky nooks and architectural details. Among other things, there are also many opportunities to photograph people in winter situations – from skiers to Christmas shoppers – which is a welcome change for any photographer.

So there are many reasons why you should be outdoors in winter. With the right camera equipment and the right eye, you can take great pictures in any weather – be it bright sunshine or snowfall – every weather has its charm! With a little experience, you can even master extreme weather conditions and achieve amazing results – which is possible even for beginners! So what are you waiting for? Pack your camera and get out there!


Winter is a great time to experience new adventures. There are plenty of ways to stay outdoors while encouraging creativity. If you’re craving a chilly season, be sure to think about winter pursuits – and why not blog about them while you’re at it?

Blogging is a great way to share your winter experiences and impressions with other people. It also allows you to express your thoughts on various winter topics and build an audience. As there are more than enough things to do in winter, blogging is a great way to express your passion for winter life.

When you are out and about, you can take photos and post them on your blog. This will help readers learn more about the places you have been. It is also possible to make videos or podcasts about winter activities and post them on your blog. This way you will not only have better content but also attract more visitors.

You should make sure that you cover interesting topics and use relevant keywords to rank better in search engine results. Also, try to find out what readers are interested in and write posts about topics like winter activities or tips for winter sports. This way you can reach a larger audience and bring more traffic to your blog. Blogging in winter not only allows you to gain new experiences and tell other people about them, but also gives you the chance to come up with new ideas for more winter travel or outdoor activities. So give it a try! If you post regularly and produce quality content, you will soon have many loyal fans!


As winter approaches each year, there are many unique ventures to take that pay off across Europe. From the German Alps to the pristine mountains of Sweden, there is plenty to experience. Scandinavia offers numerous adventures, while in the Italian Dolomites you can enjoy the scenery.

There are also many different ways to enjoy the winter: snowshoeing, tobogganing or simply walking – depending on your preferences and physical condition, there is something for everyone. Those who prefer to stay indoors also have a wide choice of activities. Warm restaurants, cosy bars and interesting museums await visitors.

Winter is a great time of year to experience new things and really relax. It offers numerous opportunities for active and enjoyable people alike. With the right clothes and equipment, you can really enjoy nature or stay comfortably indoors.